Um, hey. We’re Diane and Scott, and the way we’d describe ourselves is a couple of affable, Midwestern types hellbent on getting around this big country of ours in a creaky RV.

What we do

Our passion is to use storytelling in its many forms to make the difficult seem possible, to fill the sedentary with the desire to move, and to help people overcome their fears and understand that age isn’t a limit on how far it’s possible to go in pursuit of living a life less ordinary.


Spin Cycle Playground Fun


We bring all of this to life using video, words and images, hoping that you’ll be inspired to go your own way – if even a little – in pursuit of the things that challenge and inspire you. And that you never forget what it was like to run buck wild, scream at the top of your lungs for no reason, and face your fears with your heart bursting and your chest puffed out.

This is all you got, this one shot, so get out there and do it. And even if it is a breach of etiquette, we double dog dare you.

Hey, in case you’re wondering, we didn’t just make this up. Content has been a part of my life (Scott) for more than a few years. Here’s a link to some of my work. The really cool thing … it’s now a part of Diane’s life, too, and she’s darn good at it. We produce a series called “Trail TV” about mountain biking and the cools towns where the good trails are. And we occasionally work with cool clients to produce films, websites, images and written content that helps stir audiences into action.

See you out on the road.